How to Quickly Improve Your Players Balance, Footwork, and Overall Basketball Skills

If you’re not using this drill, you should begin proper away…

You may discover this hard to believe, but if accomplished properly, the Jump Stop Drill can make a large difference in your players overall performance, each young and old.

This is an actually important drill to participant improvement. My antique excessive faculty instruct (who’s a now a very successful college train) made us do a variant of the jump prevent drill every unmarried day.

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The drill will decrease the number of times your players tour, enhance their stability, enhance their confidence, and enhance their capacity to pivot and create area.

I in my opinion attest to this drill improving my basketball potential greater than any other drill.

It’s amazingly easy, but very critical and effective.

Here are the drill commands and tricks to make it paintings:

Jump Stop Drill
Drill Purpose

This is a completely vital drill that all coaches need to use. It will improve your players stability, lessen travels, improve pivoting skills to create area, and improve self assurance.


Line your players up on the baseline. If you have greater than 10 gamers or a small courtroom, you will need to divide them into two companies because they might not have enough area.

Have each player unfold out with approximately five ft between them, so that they have sufficient room for pivoting.

When you blow the whistle, all gamers need to begin walking at 3/4 speed.

At diverse periods, blow the whistle and yell out their pivot instructions. Your choices are: front pivot left foot, the front pivot proper foot, returned pivot left foot, lower back pivot right foot.

When the whistle blows, the series for the player consists of: leap stop (each toes need to hit the floor at the equal time), pause for a 2d, do a full one hundred eighty degree pivot, pause for a 2d, do a complete pivot bask to starting position, and stay in triple danger function till whistle blows again.

Watch each participant to make certain they did the soar stop and pivot nicely. If all people traveled or if they’re goofing off, make them begin once more, returned on the baseline.

If everyone did it correctly, blow the whistle again. All players ought to begin walking.

At various durations, blow the whistle and yell out their pivot commands. Your selections are: the front pivot left foot, front pivot proper foot, lower back pivot left foot, lower back pivot proper foot.

When all players attain the end of the court docket, begin once more. You can blow the whistle anywhere among 1 and five times at some stage in their journey down the court docket.

You ought to run this drill so players run down the courtroom at the least 5 instances.

Jump stops1 (11K)
Points of Emphasis

Continually tell your gamers…

Don’t tour!
Stay low when pivoting. Keep your knees bent and butt down, in an excellent triple hazard stance.
Don’t get out of your triple danger stance till you pay attention the whistle. You always need to stay low, so that you can take off quicker.

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